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Frequently Asked Questions

New Business

Where do I send new applications?

Applications less than $10,000 must be submitted through our FireLight e-application.
Applications $10,000 or more may be submitted utilizing any of the following:
– FireLight e-application
– Email:
– Fax: 888-433-4795
– Mail: PO Box 27248, Salt Lake City, UT 84127-0248
– Overnight: 1405 W 2200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84119

How will I be notified of interest rate changes for the APP Annuity?

Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company will notify agents in the event of a rate change via email and on our website. We will make every effort to provide notice of the change at least two weeks prior to the effective date. However, in some cases, a shorter notice period may be required. We will clearly communicate all effective dates including signature and receipt dates. All applications must adhere to all communicated dates in order to receive specified rates.

Can a corporation or trust own an Annuity contract?


What if the application is signed in a different state other than the resident state?

The Non-Resident Form is required. Purchase of annuities outside of resident states AL, MA, MN, NY, OR, UT and WA are not allowed if the annuity is not approved or available in that resident state.

What are the acceptable forms of payment?

Personal checks, cashiers checks, checks from other carriers made on behalf of the client, or wire transfers are accepted. Annuity Wiring Instructions are located on the Agent Portal and in the Annuity Agent Field Guide.

Who should checks be made payable to?

Checks should be made to Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company.

Does Sentinel Security Life accept inherited IRA’s?

With the SECURE Act and the 10 year Surrender Schedule on the APP Annuity, Sentinel is only able to accept an inherited IRA for beneficiaries of an IRA Owner that passed away before 1/1/2020.

Can an agent obtain a contract number in advance to place on the check?

Yes, the agent can locate the pending Contract Number in the Agent Portal.

Does Sentinel Security Life accept wire transfers?

Yes. Annuity Wiring Instructions are located on the Agent Portal and in the Annuity Agent Field Guide.

What if there are multiple transfers for one annuity?

There can be multiple transfers for one contract from multiple carriers. An Annuity Contract will not be issued until all funds are received.

If I have questions about pending cases and missing requirements, who should I contact?

Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company encourages agents to use the Agent Portal to check the status of pending applications. The Agent Portal is updated in real-time to ensure that agents receive the most current information available, including any missing or incomplete forms and processing steps taken by our New Business Department. Our New Business Department Representatives are available by phone at 800-247-1423.


When will the contract be issued?

Once all missing requirements and all funds have been received, the contract will be issued on the appropriate indexing issue dates.


What is contained in the owner packet my client will receive?

The Welcome Letter, Annuity Contract, copy of Application, any applicable tax Disclosures and Endorsements, any application state Guaranty Association Forms, Privacy Policy, and Buyer’s Guide are included in the owner packet.

Will the agent receive a copy of the owner packet as well?

Annuity contract is mailed to the agent to deliver to the client. Welcome letter, contract, and application are available on the Agent Portal.

Is there a delivery requirement?

Annuity contracts with single premium of $350,000 or more require the delivery receipt to be signed and returned for commissions to be released.

When does the free look period start?

The free look period begins on the date the contract is delivered to the owner.

Can I add money to an APP Annuity after it has been issued?


Can the owner take the interest only from his/her annuity?

Starting in the second contract year up to the greater of 5% of the Accumulation Value or the Required Minimum Distribution may be withdrawn each year penalty-free. A maximum of two withdrawals may be taken each contract year.

What are the death benefits for the APP Annuity?

For contracts issued in states other than California, the Death Benefit Proceeds are equal to the Vested Value as of the date of death. For contracts issued in the state of California, the Death Benefit Proceeds are equal to the Accumulated Value as of the date of death.

Is spousal continuation allowed at death?

Yes, the owner’s spouse who is the sole primary beneficiary may assume ownership and continue the contract.

When does the owner receive their annual statement?

Annual statements are mailed every contract anniversary. Clients and agents will also be able to see these on the Agent Portal.

Is the agent provided a copy of the annual statement?


Is the agent copied on letters the owner receives?


Is the Agent copied on a death claim?



When will commission be paid to the Agent?

Commissions are released the day after the annuity is approved to be issued unless the Contract is $350,000 or more. If the Contract is $350,000 or more, commissions will be held until the Delivery Receipt is received.

Is there a limit to the amount of commission paid at issue?

Not for contracts with a purchase premium of $1,000,000 or less. If purchase premium is more than $1,000,000, there may be alternate arrangements made that are agreed upon during the large case approval process.

Are the commissions based on the agent of the owner or annuitant?

Commissions are based on the Owner’s age. If there are Joint Owners, it is based on the older of the two. In the case of a non-natural Owner, commissions are based on the Annuitant’s age or oldest Annuitant if there are Joint Annuitants

Is there ever a charge back of commissions?

Yes as follows:
Owner’s Death:
– If the owner’s issue age is under 80, there is no charge back at death.
– If the owner’s issue age is 80 or older, 50% will be charged back if the death occurs in the first Contract Year.
Withdrawals and Surrenders:
– Commissions will be charged back if a Contract is surrendered or partially surrendered within the first year. The charge back is pro-rated based on the portion of the premium that is surrendered.

Is there a commission charge back on change of ownership?

If the ownership is changed in the first year and it changes the tier of the commission payment, a chargeback will occur and commissions will be re-paid based on the new owner’s age.