Key Features


5% Premium Bonus


Guaranteed Participation Rates for 10 years*


Exclusive access to the Credit Suisse Momentum Index


Annual returns on 96% of possible deposit dates**


Offers 110% Return of Premium (ROP) Guaranteed*

*The Participation Rates for the Credit Suisse Momentum Index are guaranteed for 10 years with the selection of the One-year point-to-point or Two-year point-to-point crediting strategies, provided that Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company continues to have access to the Credit Suisse Momentum Index.

**Based on simulated historical performance.

Protection Plus Growth Potential in Any Market

The Accumulation Protector PlusSM Annuity (APP) is a fixed indexed annuity designed to both accumulate wealth, and protect it against future market downturns. With access to its exclusive and flexible crediting strategies, the APP offers protection and growth potential in any market.*

* The Accumulation Protector PlusSM Annuity offers growth potential whether the market goes up, down, or remains the same.





Get Ready For APP

What Is APP?

APP stands for Accumulation Protector PlusSM Annuity, a fixed indexed single premium deferred annuity contract. The single premium is allocated based on the Policyholder’s choice across a Fixed Account and Indexed Accounts whose values are linked to two equity indices: the Credit Suisse Momentum Index and the Standard and Poor’s Composite Stock Price Index (hereafter referred to as the “S&P 500®”). The APP is distinct in the industry because it offers a unique 10-year guarantee of participation rates through the Credit Suisse Momentum Index with the selection of the One-year point-to-point or Two-year point-to-point crediting strategies.* The product is offered in both non-qualified and tax-qualified markets.

*The Participation Rates for the Credit Suisse Momentum Index One-year point-to-point and Two-year point-to-point crediting strategies are guaranteed for 10 years from the annuity issue date, provided that Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company continues to have access to the Credit Suisse Momentum Index.

What is a Fixed Indexed Annuity?

A Fixed Indexed annuity is a tax-deferred, lower risk, financial option designed to grow the policyholder’s premium and protect it if the market drops. This product is typically accompanied by multiple crediting strategies that the policyholder can choose to participate in. In addition to growth potential, a Fixed Indexed Annuity offers protection of principal in several different ways. The policyholder will not lose money if the index value drops because the policyholder’s money is allocated to the annuity itself rather than directly to the index (or indices). Additionally, the indexed accounts typically offer a minimum guaranteed interest rate of at least 0%.

Protect Your Principal

Protection is the cornerstone of the Accumulation Protector PlusSM Annuity. Whether the market goes up, down, or remains the same, the policyholder’s principal is guaranteed not to decrease *due to market performance and is protected through the APP’s Fixed and Indexed Accounts.


* If Rate Enhancement Rider is purchased, the principal will not decrease due to market performance but could decrease due to the rider fee.

Accumulate Wealth

The APP gives the policyholder exclusive access to the Credit Suisse Momentum Index, the well-established Standard and Poor’s Composite Stock Price Index (“S&P 500®” Index), and a Fixed Account that provides a guaranteed rate of return. The Credit Suisse Momentum Index, S&P 500® Index and the Fixed Account provide opportunities to accumulate wealth over time.

Choose from Flexible Crediting Strategies

Not everyone has the same financial goals, nor the same time horizon for achieving those goals. It is because of these different objectives that Flexibility is another key component of the Accumulation Protector PlusSM Annuity. This annuity offers a diversified set of fixed and indexed crediting strategies with 1, 2, or 3 year periods that allow the policyholder and their advisor to choose the accounts and periods that most align with their goals. Additionally, the policyholder can adjust the allocations on the policy anniversary, coinciding with the end of the crediting period, to continue to meet their changing needs.

Preserve Your Legacy

Help your client achieve greater financial confidence as well as their lifestyle, retirement income, and legacy goals by taking advantage of the flexible options provided by the Accumulation Protector PlusSM Annuity. These strategies were created to help protect what your client has worked hard for. Additionally, the APP was designed to provide your client with opportunities to accumulate wealth, so they can rest easy in retirement knowing they’re preserving the legacy they have built.

Key Features

Product includes a 5% Bonus, Credit Suisse Momentum Index, Rate Enhancement Rider, & Choose from Eight Growth Strategies.

Fixed Indexed Annuity

A Fixed Indexed Annuity offers access to more interest growth potential as the market performs positively.


S&P 500® Index

The S&P 500® Index measures the stock performance of the 500 largest publicly-traded companies in the U.S.

Credit Suisse Momentum Index

The Credit Suisse Momentum Index is a global multi-asset index that dynamically allocates across its components using a momentum strategy and risk-adjusted weightings, combined with a risk control mechanism.

APP has exclusive access to the Credit Suisse Momentum Index

The index follows a rules-based approach that relies on diversification, momentum, risk-adjusted weightings, and risk-control.


The Index’s underlying components are diversified across four regions and three asset classes in an effort to generate consistent returns over time.


The trend-following strategy of the index is intended to gain exposure to components that exhibit the strongest trends while reducing exposure to components with weaker trends.

Risk-Adjusted Weightings

Index components are weighted inversely to their risk in an attempt to build a risk-balanced allocation.

Risk Control

The index targets an annualized volatility of 5% or less to help stabilize returns.

Pre-Approved Agent Marketing Materials

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Is the Accumulation Protector PlusSM Annuity Right for Your Client?

The Accumulation Protector PlusSM Annuity can be a wonderful growth vehicle for those looking to accumulate wealth and protect their retirement. The Accumulation Protector PlusSM Annuity may be a great option for your client if they fit the below profile.


  • Your client has a low tolerance for risk, and typically invest in CDs, Savings Bonds, Money Market Funds, and Treasury Bills.
  • They are looking for a long-term strategy to grow their principal (ideally around 10 years).
  • They like to protect their hard-earned money.
  • Your client wants to preserve the legacy they’ve built by accumulating more wealth in a reliable way.
  • They enjoy having lots of flexible allocation options when growing their money.
  • Access to a global, risk-monitored index with a diversified portfolio sounds appealing to them.
  • Your client is thinking about retiring soon or has retired.

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